Navigating Health Crises.
A Blueprint for a Resilient City.
A playbook tailored to empower city administrators for a healthier, more resilient future!
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This playbook is for city health administrators, as well as administrators from other departments at the city and state levels whose work has an impact on public health.

As we pursue the mission of 100 smart cities through technology, public-private partnerships and progressive policies, we need to think of the health of all our citizens. The lessons of cooperation, compassion and adaptability from COVID-19 can guide our path. Given the pressing climate challenges threatening our health, especially the vulnerable, it's crucial to establish collaborative frameworks for prevention, response, recovery, and mitigation. These efforts can lay the foundation for cities that prioritize well-being and resilience even amidst adversity.

See the Principles in Action

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the city of Bengaluru developed an ecosystem of care built around a software tool, Index. This ecosystem embodies many aspects of the principles. See how it worked.

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